From Sourcing to Hiring: Key Resources to Finding Your Right-Fit Teachers

No matter where you're at when it comes to sourcing, interviewing, and hiring, we've got the resources needed to successfully find the educators you're looking for.

From Sourcing to Hiring: Key Resources to Finding Your Right-Fit Teachers

When it comes to sourcing, recruiting, and interviewing teachers - each recruiter and school leader has their own set of strengths, and their own areas for growth (and support!). And when it comes to support, we’re right there with you - each and every step of the way.

Whether you’re looking for quick tips and tricks from our articles, or a community of voices discussing recruitment topics during our live webinars, we’ve got you covered. And if you don't see what you need, reach out! Our team is happy (and eager!) to keep the conversations going and the content developed.

Below you’ll find a list of our resources, categorized by four different recruitment stages:


Developing effective, consistent pipelines is critical for sourcing and recruiting candidates. And when you partner with Selected, we do a lot of this work for you. But regardless of where or how you build your recruitment pipelines, nailing that initial email message to a potential candidate is crucial. It lets your candidates know you’re serious - and serious about them.


Whether your plan is to start early, or a new vacancy just opened up, making sure you find your right-fight candidates is key to a successful year. And making sure you find them as quickly as possible is key to ensuring your own sanity in the process.


With recruitment underway and a stable pipeline built, it’s time to start the interview process. Whether you’re doing these in person, setting candidates up virtually, or doing your own combination of the two, we’ve got the tips and tricks for interview success.



Once you’ve found your right-fit candidate(s), it’s time to make them an offer. You want to move fast so as not to lose them to another school, but you also want to double check your own hiring processes to ensure you’re making the right decision for your team, students, and community.

What's Next?

As we work to address the retention issue many of our schools face, we know how important it is to help schools find their right-fit teachers. We also know that highlighting best practices in school hiring is a community responsibility, and we're working hard to create more opportunities for our community to connect. Join us for our upcoming webinars on conducting effective virtual interviews and demos, how to assess behavior management during virtual interviews, and how to "sell" your school in a virtual setting.

Then, no matter where you’re at in the recruitment, interview, or hiring process we want to know where you’ve had the most success. Drop us a line on Twitter @getselectedco and we’ll share it with the rest of our school community.

Download our Ideal Candidate Rubric to help your recruiting team find the ideal candidate for your school.

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