Why Starting Early in Teacher Recruitment is Crucial in Addressing the Teacher Shortage Crisis

The education sector is grappling with a severe teacher shortage, affecting both schools and educational quality. With 86% of districts facing hiring challenges, early teacher recruitment is more crucial than ever.

Why Starting Early in Teacher Recruitment is Crucial in Addressing the Teacher Shortage Crisis
Strategizing early teacher recruitment efforts is a crucial step in combating the teacher shortage crisis.

The education sector is facing a severe teacher shortage crisis affecting schools and the quality of education. With 86% of school districts reporting difficulty hiring new teachers, starting the recruitment process early is more crucial than ever. In this blog post, we'll discuss the advantages of early teacher recruitment and how platforms like Selected can significantly enhance the hiring process.

The Harsh Reality

  • 600k teachers resign annually, approximately 19.4% of the 3.1 million teachers.
  • 38.8% higher turnover in schools with low-income Title 1 funding.
  • $9.6 billion is spent due to resignations.

The Advantages of Starting Recruitment Early

1. Time for Credentialing

Early recruitment provides prospective teachers time to acquire necessary state credentials.

2. Exploring Relocation

Early recruitment offers teachers time to plan a significant life change, such as moving to a new location.

3. Financial Incentives

Schools can offer to sponsor credentials, attracting high-quality candidates.

4. Better Candidate Pool

Starting early provides access to top-tier educators who often finalize their commitments by spring.

Success Stories with Selected

Despite the reported difficulties in hiring, schools using Selected have shown remarkable success:

  • KIPP NorCal successfully hired 10 teachers within the first 3 months.
  • Intrepid College Prep in Nashville successfully recruited 5 teachers.
  • In the first year of using the platform, KIPP Texas successfully hired more than 20 teachers.

What Schools Say About Selected

  • Kip Bay Area: "Quality hires, fast. Selected is a must!"
  • Coney Island Prep: "Streamlined workflow. It saves countless hours."
  • Haven Academy: "Large candidate pool. Bigger than we ever have before."
  • Heketi Community Charter School: "Successfully hired teachers who want to work in the Bronx."
  • Citizens of the World: "All warm, active leads. Best of all, I am seeing candidates that I wouldn't normally see."
  • City School of the Arts: "Stress-less sourcing. The platform made going through candidates easy for my team."

Tips for Schools

  • Create a Recruitment Calendar: Outline milestones.
  • Consult Faculty: Involve staff in identifying needs.
  • Utilize Technology: Platforms like Selected streamline your search.


Starting the teacher recruitment process early offers a broad, qualified candidate pool while providing potential hires the time they need for credentials and relocation. Platforms like Selected make this process even more effective, as seen in the success stories above.

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