As a teacher, it’s hard to explain what you do in a few bullet points. Unfortunately, a resume has limited space, and job search season brings the mind-numbingly boring task of cramming who you are onto 1-2 pages.

In this recording of our Resume workshop, our Teacher and Community Support Lead Samson Woo will guide you through writing a resume that will impress anyone in the education community.

The workshop is separated into 5 videos -- check out each video to help think through how to put your best foot forward by highlighting your skills, your achievements, and your story.

Slides to follow along with videos

Part 1: Intro/Agenda

Part 2: What is in the content and structure of a resume?

Part 3: What are recruiters looking for?

Part 4: What does at great resume look like?

Part 5: How do I tailor my resume?

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