Acing the Teacher Demo Lesson [video workshop]

Expert advice on how to plan, prepare, and execute an amazing demo lesson. Workshop from the Teacher Job Search Bootcamp Series by Selected.

Acing the Teacher Demo Lesson [video workshop]

One of the most stressful parts of interviewing as a teacher is preparing a demo lesson (a.k.a., sample lesson). Teaching a lesson to students and other teachers you don't know is daunting, and many times, you don't have much time to prepare.

Don't sweat it, though! We've got your back. Here are tips from Jamie Truman (TFA alum, former NYC DOE teacher and charter school Director of Operations) that can help you prepare, structure, differentiate, and execute an excellent demo lesson:

Slides to follow along with videos

Part 1: Intro/Agenda

Part 2: What’s challenging about a demo lesson? Common concerns all teachers have

Part 3: How do you plan for a demo lesson? What content should you incorporate into your lesson?

Part 4: How do you set expectations and establish a positive community during a demo lesson?

Part 5: How do you differentiate a demo lesson?

Part 6: How do you physically set up a demo lesson classroom for success?

Part 7: How to avoid unnecessary stress during a demo lesson

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