Teacher Resume Resources

Resources for teachers to create or improve a teaching resume. These tips and tools will help job seekers land a new job at a school they love.

Below is a roundup of Selected's resources for teacher resumes.

These resources will help you create a new resume or improve your current teacher resume — so you can get a new teaching job at a school you love!

What makes a good resume?

Selected assesses teaching resumes based on the following criteria:


  • Content details achievements, skills, and responsibilities to cover:
    ✓ educational background
    ✓ teaching certification and status
    ✓ teaching experience
    … to describe how you got here and why you are the best candidate for the job
  • Communication is clear and concise (e.g., try to limit each bullet point to one or two lines)
  • Points are written with strong action verbs and avoid:
    ✓ weak or vague verbs (e.g., worked on, did, was responsible for, gained experience in)
    ✓ passive voice (e.g., 20% student growth in ELA achieved as a department)
    ✓ unclear involvement (e.g., took part in, helped, handled)
    ✓ routine duties that add no value (e.g., printing/copying student materials, distributing homework)
  • Points describe a situation/problem, action taken, and positive result (e.g., PAR or STAR framework):
    ✓ support quantitatively or qualitatively (even if estimated)
    ✓ emphasize impact on students, school, or stakeholders
  • Highlight relevant experiences with various pedagogies:
    ✓ classroom management (e.g., Responsive Classroom, restorative justice, morning meetings)
    ✓ implementation and data outcomes (e.g., inquiry-based, play-based, workshop model)
    ✓ curriculum design and planning (e.g., Singapore Math, Fontas & Pinnell, Pearson)
  • Highlight relevant extracurriculars or achievements that demonstrate that you go above and beyond classroom responsibilities (e.g., served as a parent council staff advisor, lead after-school robotics program, plan and coordinate monthly field trips)


  • No grammar or spelling mistakes:
    ✓ consistent punctuation (e.g., regular use of periods at end of points)
    ✓ proper homophones (e.g., they’re, their, there)
    ✓ parallel structure (e.g., “I taught reading, how to write, and spelling” — use “writing”)


  • Resume is thoughtfully and logically organized:
    ✓ Tailored and prioritized to job opportunity
    ✓ Fits onto one page (maximum two)
    ✓ Info is displayed consistently (e.g., dates aligned, titles bolded, same font)
    ✓ Layout appropriate to years of experience

Want quick tips?

Check out this article on Top 5 Resume Tips for Teachers. It covers:

  • Priorities: how to prioritize content — what should be included
  • Structure: logical flow of the narrative and ordering of info
  • Tailoring: how to personalize content to the job opportunity
  • Proofreading: tips on common mistakes
  • What to avoid: other common pitfalls that we see candidates make

Want details?

Here is a video of one of our workshops at a partner gradudate school of education :Revamp Your Resume — Video Workshop. The session discusses:

  • Structure and content of a teacher resume
  • What school recruiters are really looking for
  • What great resumes look like (and samples of bad resumes)
  • How you can tailor and improve your resume

Want a professional review of your resume?

Selected offers a free resume review for all teachers. How it works:

  • Upload your resume here
  • Wait 24 business hours
  • Get emailed back a Resume Report Card with personalized, actionable tips to improve your resume

Get your resume reviewed now.

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