Beyond the Traditional Classroom: Educators' Role in Global Summer Programs

Beyond the Traditional Classroom: Educators' Role in Global Summer Programs
Students explore the salt flats of the Atacama on Putney's Career Chile & Peru program

Some write resumes, some develop curriculum. Others house sit, coach, lifeguard, bartend, or babysit. But regardless of the specifics, upwards of 16% of US teachers continue to work throughout the summer. That’s over 500,000 educators nationwide who are serving, developing curriculum, community organizing, counseling, and generally continuing to contribute to the workforce; dismantling the relaxing summer stereotype for educators. Likewise, kids are also shaking up the longstanding routines of local summer jobs and camps.

The New Trend in Summer Experiences

While traditional camps have long been a summer staple, a new trend is emerging, especially in a post-pandemic world. Middle and high school students are breaking away from cabins and bonfires to spend their summers studying abroad and engaging in communities, cultures, and learning in destinations around the globe. 

The Impact of Travel and Experiential Learning

Why this shift? Because travel and experiential learning are about more than ticking off famous landmarks or viewing marine life from a cruise ship. It's about engaging with the world in a way that is invigorating, profoundly impactful, and sorely missed during days of quarantine. SIT Graduate Institute and The Harvard Business Review reported that students who study or live abroad are more likely to complete higher degrees, develop independence and self-confidence, hone problem-solving skills, increase adaptability and leadership qualities, and discover lifelong interests that ultimately influence their careers and hobbies. 

Putney Student Travel: A Leader in International Education

Summer travel abroad programs are nothing new, and among them, Putney Student Travel stands out. Family-run for more than seven decades, Putney Student Travel is our exclusive partner, known for its exceptional educational travel programs. In a crowded field of summer opportunities, Putney's unparalleled reputation and diverse program offerings make it a unique and valuable experience for both students and educators. 

The Role of Educators in Student Travel

Educational travel organizations need more teachers eager to take on the (sometimes challenging) but always fulfilling roles as program leaders, experiential learning experts, and language guides. After all, for young people venturing forth into new cities, exposed to unfamiliar cultures, surrounded by people speaking foreign tongues—the adventure can be transformative, but also overwhelming. And it is the educators leading these groups of students, acting as guides and mentors, who make all the difference in ensuring the experiences are impactful.

Connecting Educators to Summer Opportunities with Selected and Putney

For educators seeking to lead summer programs that emphasize immersive educational experiences, Putney Student Travel stands out as an exceptional choice. Offering a diverse array of opportunities in over 30 countries globally, Putney collaborates with prestigious organizations such as National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institution, Columbia Climate School, and Harvard C-Chan School. These partnerships enhance their offerings, which range from adventure travel and language immersion to service- or career-focused programs, as well as more traditional campus-based experiences. This collaboration ensures that educators and students alike have access to enriching, world-class educational experiences

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