School Eligibility

School Eligibility

Understand the program and its benefits.

When seeking international candidates on the Selected platform, note that they will likely not yet have U.S. work authorization. That is inherent to the J-1 Visa, which they cannot obtain until after Cultural Vistas sponsorship approval, based on a confirmed offer from you. You will only be able to see these candidates if you indicate on your profile that you are open to hiring international candidates. This will unlock your ability to connect, hire, and diversify your instructional staff.

Understand the costs associated with J-1 sponsorship.

What Cultural Vistas Provides:

  • Evaluation of program eligibility of overseas candidates. Cultural Vistas will ensure each candidate meets the requirements to obtain a J-1 Visa.
  • Issuance of the documentation necessary for the J-1 Visa. Cultural Vistas will issue the forms necessary to secure the visa and manage compliance.
  • Where appropriate, thought-partnership on Visa requirements as they relate to state teaching standards. It’s important to note that state requirements trump Visa requirements and the two may not match. Consult with Cultural Vistas on how these intersect.
  • In-country support to teachers and schools to ensure program success — See everything Cultural Vistas has to offer.
Note: the school will need to outline the necessary requirements for the teacher to meet state standards.

Is your school eligible?

Accredited public (district or charter) school hiring for full-time K-12 positions in select states*. Open to accredited private schools nationally. (PK roles accepted if an accredited language-immersion program).

  • AR
  • AZ
  • CA**
  • CO
  • FL
  • GA
  • MD
  • MA
  • MI
  • MT
  • ND
  • NV
  • NY
  • OH
  • OR
  • PA
  • RI
  • SD
  • TN
  • TX
  • UT
  • VA
  • DC
  • WI

*Don’t see your state? Contact Cultural Vistas who can request permission from your DOE.

**Cultural Vistas cannot sponsor Mexican or Spanish citizens in CA per the state government.

Positions must be:

  • Full-time, as the official teacher of record.
  • Commensurate with those of similarly situated teachers in the school or district/network.
  • Temporarily appointed; teachers cannot receive tenure.
  • Located at one school; teachers cannot act as itinerant teachers.