A Guide to Sourcing Candidates: 5 Key Qualifiers When Hiring International Teachers

Many schools avoid hiring international teachers because the process can be taxing. However, hiring international candidates is easier than we think. Get a basic understanding of how to hire international teachers for your school.

A Guide to Sourcing Candidates: 5 Key Qualifiers When Hiring International Teachers

International teachers can offer a unique addition to your team, expand your students’ horizons, and enrich each schools’ campus.  Through the U.S. Department of State’s BridgeUSA, teachers are eligible to apply for the J-1 Visa if:

  • They have a confirmed employment offer from a K-12 accredited school, and
  • Can secure sponsorship from a designated organization like Cultural Vistas.

Use this guide to assess candidates — and don’t hesitate to reach out to Cultural Vistas for additional review of your teaching candidates’ eligibility.

Role Requirements

  • Full-time teaching position for official teacher of record.
  • K-12 subject area OR pre-K language immersion program.
  • Commensurate with those of similarly situated teachers in the school.
  • Temporarily appointed; teachers cannot receive tenure.
  • Located at one school; teachers cannot act as itinerant teachers.

Education Qualifications

Applicants need to present a Credential Evaluation Report comparing their current degree to U.S. degrees in order for Cultural Vistas to make a final decision during the sponsorship application process — which begins after you make an offer.  Some candidates may have already purchased one, and it never hurts to ask about this during the interview process.

Teaching Experience and Qualifications

If the position requires a state license, you must consider those requirements as well.  J-1 teachers must follow any relevant state laws.

Resume Review

Sometimes questions pop up during the initial resume screen. If you’re feeling hesitant about the candidate's resume, feel free to email the resume to teach@culturalvistas.org for additional review and guidance.

English Proficiency

Teachers are expected to have proficiency in English, sufficient not only to teach in English, but also to communicate with Americans outside the work environment.  

They do not have to be fluent.  

Cultural Vistas will make an assessment for sponsorship purposes, but you must make your own assessment on behalf of the school.

For additional help and guidance contact teach@culturalvistas.org or call the team at Cultural Vistas at 212-497-3500.

Get a downloadable version of our 5-Step Checklist for Interviewing International Candidates.

About Cultural Vistas

Founded in 1963, Cultural Vistas is a nonprofit exchange organization promoting global understanding and collaboration among individuals and institutions. They develop international professional experiences that create more informed, skilled, and engaged citizens. Their programs empower people to drive positive change in themselves, their organizations, and society. Learn more at culturalvistas.org.

For more information about Cultural Vistas, or to get your international teachers sponsored, contact Caroline Gillam at cgillam@culturalvistas.org.

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