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April 7, 2020

New Features

  • Resume preview (beta): preview a candidate’s resume before deciding to connect with them. In addition, every profile and resume has been tailored and standardized for teachers.
Goal: empower schools to make the most informed decision about an educator's candidacy before sending a message or invite
  • Free text message outreach: candidates receive a text notification when you send your first message or invitation – all done automatically and for free. This is in addition to the standard e-mail a candidate receives when contacted.
Goal: to improve speed and rate of responsiveness from candidates – and thus increase the throughput of our school partners.
  • Clear certification and content specialty data: view content specialty tied specifically with certification. We specifically restructured the way we collect data from candidates to provide greater clarity.
Goal: improve discovery of educators based on certification and subject expertise
  • Expanded search and filtering: more specific single subjects (e.g., Pre-Algebra, U.S. History), grade levels (e.g., search for a single grade level), and instructional skills (e.g, Project-Based Learning, Montessori, Responsive Classrooms)
Goal: improve discovery of educators based on subjects, certification, and instructional skills
  • Message template: no more copy and pasting your outreach message.
Goal: standardize school's outreach process and save time
  • Refreshed UX: we will be rolling out additional refinements both visually and functionally. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have building it.

Ongoing Product Changelog (for both teachers and schools)

All of our improvements and new features for both schools and teachers  viewable in our product changelog.

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