Start Here: Map a Path to Your Dream Teaching Job

Map a path to your dream teaching job here -- for first-time teaching job seekers, mid-career switchers, relocators, and aspiring school leaders. The blog covers the job search, professional development, and issues that impact long-term career growth.

Start Here: Map a Path to Your Dream Teaching Job

Your journey to the teaching career of your dreams will look and feel different depending on where you are now and where you visualize yourself heading. Drawing on our experience as current and former educators, insights from our diverse community, and unique data pertaining to the education job market, we’ll cover everything you need to find a new job, develop professionally, and stay on top of issues and trends that will impact your long-term career growth. So, let’s get started!

Choose your job-seeking persona

Selected serves different types of job-seekers. We’re here to help you make an accurate assessment of where you are now, and tailor our advice accordingly. We write for:

  • First-time job seeker: What insights and practices should you be aware of to kick off a successful teaching career? How do you determine what type of school culture will allow you to thrive? We’ll help you find the right school fit the first time around — a school that will challenge you to reach your full potential for years to come.
  • Mid-career job switcher: Do you feel like you rushed into a school and are now realizing that it was not a good fit for you? Never fear. Many teachers have successfully navigated their way to fulfilling positions at schools that provide opportunities for long-term growth.
  • Relocator: Moving to a new area of the country? You’re in the early stages of building your social network and are having trouble navigating a new set of (seemingly indecipherable) hiring processes and requirements. Let us do the legwork for you. We’ll break down these processes into manageable parts, arming you with precise, practical information to ensure you get hired in your new locale in a timely manner.
  • School Leader: Maybe you are an aspiring or experienced school leader who is looking to challenge yourself outside the classroom. We’ll help you leverage your experiences to serve and influence schools at a macro level. We’ll also help you stay current with education career and industry trends so you can see the big picture necessary for long-term success.

Do some “self-research”

No matter your job-seeking persona, it is important that you feel confident in your own assessment of your aspirations and study up on your options accordingly.

Make the decision and set goals

  • First-time seeker: Will teaching be the most fulfilling career for you? What type of role and school would be best for you?
  • Mid-career switcher: What are you looking for in a school switch? What worked and did not work in your previous roles?
  • Relocator: Would you like to find a school that is similar to or different from your old position? How can you seamlessly transition your certification and experience?
  • School leader: Are you ready to make the leap? Does a school agree?


The job search

Here it is. You know where you want to go, and now you need practical information to help you get there, tailored to your situation.


  • Has your undergraduate work prepared you for teaching?
  • Which student teaching opportunities would be right for you and how can you find them?
  • Are you properly certified?
  • Should you get a master's degree?
  • What alternate pathways exist for certification?

Ready your resume

Discover and connect with schools

  • Which schools are actively hiring?
  • How do you find open positions that are right for you?
  • What learning and networking events exist?
  • How can you take advantage of job fairs?
  • How should you prepare for one-on-one meetings?
  • Apply!


  • How do you avoid getting weeded out because of a bad resume?
  • How do you pass the phone screen?
  • How do you crush the sample lesson?
  • What should you expect during the in-person interview?
  • How do you pass the reference checks?

Pick the right job offer and a school you love

  • How do you determine your fit with a school’s culture, values, and pedagogy?
  • How do you navigate multiple job offers? Why is it important to receive multiple offers?
  • What negotiating strategies can you use to optimize your job offers?

You got the job, now what?

Getting the job is just the beginning. Make sure that you have the guidance to seamlessly transition into your new role and ensure your continued growth.

Start smoothly

  • How do you set up your classroom and rules to get the best results for you and your students?

Grow through professional development

  • How do you set goals and keep track of your progress?
  • What self-care practices will make sure you have a fulfilling, sustainable career?
  • What classroom management strategies should you integrate into your practice?
  • What opportunities exist to build on your skills and get additional training?
  • How do you stay engaged with the most important education issues of the day?

We have a lot to cover. Let's start by dusting off your resume and getting ready: Top 5 Resume Tips for Teachers

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