New Year? Checklist for Teachers to Jumpstart the Job Search.

Thinking about making your next teaching move? Here are some things to think about in anticipation of your job search!

New Year? Checklist for Teachers to Jumpstart the Job Search.

The break is almost here! Teachers know that the grind to this point in the year is always a struggle. The holiday break is much needed time for educators to recharge and employ some much-needed self-care before jumping into the remainder of the school year.

This time of year also tends to bring up another conversation: am I staying at my school after this year?

For those on the fence or thinking about making your next move as a teacher, here are some key items to start working on in preparation for the Spring recruitment season:

  • Update your resume. Brush the dust off your most recent resume and start working on what new additions (e.g. new responsibilities, positions, or certifications) you’ll need to make. It might also be due for an aesthetic upgrade!
  • Define your career goals. Think about what you want in your new position. Are you looking for a new challenge? Perhaps you want to take on a leadership role or teach in a completely different school environment. What are you hoping to achieve in your next opportunity?
  • List out your school non-negotiables. What do you need to have in order to be successful in the classroom? Think about what you’re looking for from your kids, your colleagues, and ultimately from your leader(s).
  • Have your “story” ready. Be prepared for the usual question of “why are you looking to leave?”
  • Seek out resources to strengthen your areas of growth. Resume ✔️. Cover letter ✔️. Demo lesson ✘. Before heading into the principal's office, find opportunities to develop your areas of growth into strengths.
  • Think about your timeline. Work backwards -- you have a three week vacation planned in July. The school year ends in June. What month should you start interviewing to secure an offer before vacation starts?


For our friends thinking about relocating - before you make any changes we mentioned and move to another state to teach, your priority should be on your certification!

  • Look up the requirements for the reciprocity process between the state you’re currently teaching in and the state you’re interested in moving to.
  • Begin the process of transferring your certification credentials if you meet the minimum requirements.
    • Note: Depending on the state, this can take weeks to several months! Plan accordingly.
    • This information is almost always found at the state’s Department of Education website.

Need help on any of the above areas? Selected will be hosting a job search bootcamp for teachers in the Spring to help you prepare for the upcoming recruitment season. Check our EventBrite for our most updated calendar of upcoming events!

We’d also like to learn more about how you see the job search process. What is your least favorite part of the job search? What excites you about it? We’d love to know! Email us at with any questions or comments.

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