We are proud to launch the first version of Selected, our school discovery app.

Our school discovery engine (as we like to call it!) is built on data provided by the NYC DOE School Survey[1], taken annually by nearly 1 million students, teachers, parents, and administrators. We enable teachers to quickly whittle the 1,800+ public schools in NYC down to 'best fit' 10-20 schools based on personal preferences and school qualities that matter most to them.

We deliberately designed the user experience to be fun, light, and enjoyable -- assuming of course, you do not enjoy long and boring questionnaires.

School Qualities Survey
It should take 2 minutes to receive 'best fit' school matches. Also included is a detailed report for each school. You may save your favorites and retake the survey if your heart desires.

School Matches
Finally, we provide our "LUDIFY" (Let Us Do It For You) service for free. We source interview requests from schools for teachers. If your profile is approved, we submit it to schools -- your favorites and our many school partners and networks -- on your behalf.

Schools apply to you, not the other way around. The goal is to make the teaching position search fast and easy for teachers.

We love feedback and are working on cool new features for both teachers and schools. Send us letters at hello@getselected.com.

About Selected

Selected helps teachers get jobs at schools they love. We offer a matching platform that connects teachers with 700+ schools in metro areas in the Northeast and West Coast, including NYC, Philadelphia, Newark, Trenton, Boston, DC, and Los Angeles. Selected is 100% free for teachers. Schools apply to you, not the other way around. Make a profile and finish your job search in weeks, not months.

  1. More information on the NYC DOE School Survey ↩︎